Rob McLintock's California School | Scholarship Info
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Scholarship Info

Scholarship monies are available for students for tuition only.

Please send a letter (as an attachment) to Sue Jacobi ( and in 250 words or less, provide the following information:

1. Why the scholarship is needed. No documents are required.

2. What you want to get out of attending the summer school and how it will improveyour piping or drumming.

3. How you are involved in piping/drumming activities, i.e. band, organizations such as societies, clans, committees, etc.

4. Letter of recommendation – pipe major, teacher or other knowledgeable party who can say why you deserve the scholarship and how it will improve your pipingor drumming.

Eligible Applicants

All students are eligible to apply. The school will try to ensure equal
distribution and application for all monies received.

The scholarship committee will award the monies in the following priority:

1. First time applicants who are under 18 years of age.
2. First time applicants who are over 18 years of age.
3. All other applicants in date order of their request.


Some restrictions may include:

1. Geographic restrictions (a specific state/location) may apply per donor organization criteria.

2. Whether the student is new or returning to the school – may not be eligible per donor organization criteria

3. Previous scholarship award – may not be eligible per donor organization criteria.


Please apply as soon as you know that you are able to attend.

Please direct any questions to Sue Jacobi at the email address above