Rob McLintock's California School | Schedule
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Daily Activities

Saturday, June 20th-Friday, June 26th


After breakfast, there is a mandatory group meeting to outline activities at 8:30AM. Locations for all events will be announced.


You will meet in classes of 6 to 8 students for 45 minutes, then a 45 minute practice time, followed by another class, and so on throughout the day.


The last classes of the day will be optional, offering possible choices in beginning, intermediate or advanced piobaireachd, pipe band fundamentals, or music expression. Any requests can be considered.


After dinner, there will be a meeting most evenings where staff will discuss bagpiping and bagpipers. One of the staff will give a piping demonstration. Evening activities generally end around 8:00PM. Topic is announced at the morning mandatory meeting.


Register in the auditorium any time after 3:00 pm and pick up bedding. Play an audtion tune on the practice chanter so you can be placed in a class at your skill level. (Have your tune memorized.) Dinner is served at the school Friday night or students may walk to a local eatery downtown.


The school group photo is taken after breakfast. (Please bring your Highland attire if you have it. Those without kilts are asked to wear black slacks and a white dress shirt with tie.)


Dinner will be a BBQ on the beach. Pub Nite – social night with kitchen piping at a local Irish pub. This popular event is for students to have fun socializing, and piping for their classmates and family members.


Please note: (Specific time and location will be announced at the mandatory morning meeting. Details will be explained that pertain to under age students.) This event is for students attending the Summer School and their family members. Alumni attending may pipe for a maximum time of 5 minutes. Priority is given to attending students who wish to pipe at this event. Please be considerate of students. Seating is limited.


Public Concert 7:00PM

The students and instructors present a public concert in the auditorum. The local community, family and friends are invited to attend. The concert kicks off with a performance by the instructors, followed by each class performing tunes they have learned during the week. Highland attire is highly recommended for students.


The concert begins at 7PM. There is no charge to attend this event.


11:00 a.m. – Graduation Ceremony. Students receive certificates.

11:00 a.m. – Check-out